Developing on Happy Meeple


Developing on Happy Meeple can have several purposes:

Happy Meeple architecture

Happy Meeple games are written in Javascript and HTML5/CSS. That's all you need to know to develop a game.

Happy Meeple is based on a Model-View-Controller architecture. making the games well structured. The logic of the game is separated from the logic of the display and the code dealing with user inputs. This is made possible thanks to the convenient Javascript library Mootools (which helped us a lot building our object-oriented architecture as well as making smooth animations).

We have a range of classes that can be reused to make games faster:

Where do I start?

If you are interested in developing on Happy Meeple, please follow the following procedure:

  1. Create an account on our test website ( Note that the database of the test website is an old copy of the Happy Meeple database (from a few years ago). It is therefore possible that you already have an account on the test website.
  2. Once logged to Mindbelts, please refresh this page to see your Mindbelts player ID: You are not logged to Mindbelts.
  3. Contact us via the contact form to ask us to activate developer rights on your Mindbelts account.
  4. While your account is approved, set up a local HTTPS server on your dev machine. will fetch the files specific to the game you are working on from this local server.
    You can follow this link to set up a https server within minutes. All you need to do is run a python3 script. Obviously there are other ways to do the same thing (with Apache, Nginx, etc.). If you are under Windows, you may look at a combination of git-bash and NodeJS (for Windows).
    (Alternatively, you can also probably serve the files from your HD directly, but then you will need to change your browser safety settings to allow to fetch files from there - this will make your browser unsafe and is not recommended)
    The local server will host files from the following folders which you can already create:
  5. Once your account is approved, please follow these steps:
    1. Go to and follow the instructions (which will include downloading a reference document and template files to start with)
    2. Login to and click on the icon to go to the settings sub-page. At the bottom, please fill the "Local files path" setting. It will need to start with "https://" and finish with a "/".
      Alternatively, if you use your HD, the path will start with "file:///".